Making things – puzzle, clock, & sign letters

We’re making things now with the laser cutter. The software toolchain I’ve been using is all free:

Draftsight (exactly like AutoCAD but free, 2D only, fine for laser cutting patterns)->Inkscape (vector graphics editing)->CamBam (CAM software)->CNC G Code Controller (RepRap/Marlin controller).

Some of the things we’ve made: a laser cut wooden puzzle:

puzzle closeup


BFES logo puzzle









A couple of clock faces:










After painting:

Painted clockfaces







And some letters that will be placed on Cayta’s sign:

laser cut sign letters

Solenoid pen actuator salvaged from iomega zip drive


Made a working pen lift mechanism for the XY table. Now drawings can be made with a sharpie or pen, or maybe even an Xacto knife can be used with it to cut out intricate designs.

Now we can verify designs before hooking it up to the new (old) laser. The pen up/down gcode commands will be used to switch the laser shutter Off/On.